Millionaire Mind Intensive Review

I recently returned to L. A. to attend a wonderful seminar called The Millionaire Mind Intensive.

It is an incredible experience and an opportunity to learn how to think like a rich person, to develop a millionaire consciousness and to combine that with the power of metaphysics and practical money management principals.

The seminar is really fun, inspiring, and powerful, and creates immediate changes… It is full of information that I wish I’d learned many years ago. If you know me you know that I’ve been to many seminars in the last thirty years, (approximately 2 zillion) and you probably know there are very few that I strongly recommend….. Well, this Millionaire Mind Intensive, I strongly recommend!

It is three days packed with information and processes that help you to understand and expand your own money blueprint that is creating your financial life. It was created by T. Harv Eker who is a self made multi-millionaire, and he has a powerful and straight forward understanding of the beliefs, attitudes and actions that wealthy people hold that enable them to create financial success.

He has created the fastest growing training company in the country and wants to change the world by helping ordinary people open their minds to think like rich and empowered people and thus be able to create more success and financial freedom.

Harv is truly entertaining and direct and is a successful businessman first, who also understands the metaphysical source of reality creation. He says directly, "Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world! A lack of money is not the problem, it is merely a symptom of what's going on underneath! The fastest and only way to permanently change your financial situation on the outside, is to first change it on the inside." Harv walks his talk, using this strategy he went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years, and he has taught his seminars to tens of thousands helping them to create more financial abundance in their lives!

The program is totally enjoyable, energetic and involving, and I even met several teenagers, from 13 to 21, there at the seminar. Although they told me that before the program they really didn’t want to come. When I met them on Sunday they were participating enthusiastically and all said that they were absolutely thrilled that they had come to the seminar. (I am sending my daughter Rachael to this seminar and you probably know how much I care for her.)

If you or your friends or family struggle with money or just want to live more abundantly, you can get a handle on the core issues that run your financial life by going to the website link at the end of this letter and looking into this program.

The retail price of the seminar is over $1000, but if you go through this link, or come to the FutureVisioning and Money gatherings, you can find out how to attend the whole three-day program for Free! That’s 0 dollars! Just the effort to get there, and I promise you it is worth the effort. What I learned about money, money management and myself was worth $1000, and I met people who flew in from New York, New Zealand, Germany, England, all over the world… just to come to this seminar, and they were very happy that they made the effort!

We’ve got this opportunity right here in our city, and currently it is only offered in L.A., Vancouver, and Orlando.

Also, if you look around Harv’s Peak Potentials web site, you’ll find several free resources. He has a recording introducing The Millionaire Mind Intensive and by listening you can get a free copy of his book “Speed Wealth”; and my favorite freebee was his six part newsletter explaining the basic Millionaire Mind ideas and the differences between how rich people think and how struggling people think.

The seminar itself was huge, inspiring and just plain fun, with over 2000 like minded people attending. They recommend you bring plenty of business cards since you’ll meet lots of really great people there, and I did. There is a table outside for business literature if you have that also. There are many interactive exercises in the seminar so you connect with a lot of people in creative and supportive ways.

Harv is a master motivator and salesman and promotes all his programs by giving away part of the information from each of his other seminars. I learned a great deal from both his style and from the information. I am going to do many of his other programs because I really like the way he has integrated money, business and metaphysical empowerment.

At one point in the seminar he asked, “How many of you get that there are no accidents in your life? That you create your results in life?” Virtually every hand in the room went up. That combination of metaphysical responsibility and money consciousness is very exciting. He also led us through several exercises that showed the absolutely critical importance of the feminine principal of receiving. This is a very enlightened and enlightening program. I really recommend that you check this out!


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