My Dear Rachael - I Love You!

Listen to this song first, then read the note below.

J.D. Martin - One Heart

Hey Punkin,
when I listen to this song my heart opens, and I think about how much I love you. My heart lights up every time I think about how much fun we have had together... Water skiing on that last day at Hebgen when the lake was a mirror and playing guitar and singing together... Those are some of the most precious moments of my life. I Love You. I Love You.
J.D. martin - Invisible Hands

Butterfly Kisses

Tape one is the explanation and tape two is a really wonderful meditation.
The Crisis Tape 1

The Crisis Tape 2

Training the Mind, Healing the Body - Deepak Chopra (1 of 1).mp3

I am so proud of you,
and so happy that you came into my life!

04 We Let It Be.wma


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