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Dear Friends,

I would love to help you create Your Awesome Future! And I do have some time each month for new private clients. The FutureVisioningTM process is a fun, empowering and amazing healing journey that creates incredible results very quickly!

If you watched the video on the front page of this website you heard about Laura who healed 15 years of panic attacks in our first 45 minute introductory conversation! This happens with almost every client because The Power of the FutureTM is incredible, and this process is unique and different from any other psychological, healing or growth process in the world, because it is completely based on your relationship with your future! This is New! This is New! This process has never existed before and this is actually The Psychology of the FutureTM, and it will teach you to transform your whole life, like Laura did, more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

By understanding and applying the FutureVisioningTM process you will learn how to Design, Visualize and then Step Into Your Ideal Future! And you will discover that growing, healing and changing can actually be FUN!

Rather than spending more years processing the issues from your family and your past, (which you have probably done already:), from the very first session this process is focused going forward! Into your future! You need a totally different set of understandings and techniques to work with the future, and as you understand The Psychology of the FutureTM you will learn the principles and the new set of techniques that will work quickly and gracefully to transform your life.

We must start going forward quickly to create the changes that are needed in our lives and in the world, and in going forward you also need a new set of understandings and tools to discover and clear blockages that are in front of you. There are many blockages in the future that typical therapy and growth processes don't even see because they are always talking about the past. Those blockages keep you from moving forward, and there are also many new techniques for actually healing and re-writing your past so that any of your old beliefs and blockages that are holding you back can be released quickly.

You have already started the process by finding this website and learning about how important it is to design your future. You can start today by dreaming about a whole, successful fulfilling future where you are successful in all areas of your life; physical, emotional, financial, career, social, family, relationship, and spiritual. Each time we work together I will take you on an amazing guided FutureVisioningTM Journeys so you can actually step into and experience your happy, healthy, exciting and successful futures...

Yes, I will guide you into several of your awesome futures. First we will go to a totally successful life about 5 years out. Then we will go all the way out to the end of your lifetime to meet your wise old self at the end of a totally fulfilling life, and then we stretch out beyond this life into the infinite future of love and light that goes on forever.

After connecting with your awesome futures then you go with your powerful future self and using the hope and love that you have connected to in these successful futures, we will go back into your past, not just to talk about and try to understand the old issues, but to actually heal your inner child, your inner adolescent, and your young adult selves, and through profound loving and forgiving processes you will actually change your past, and that changes the beliefs that are holding you back.

With a bright new future that pulls you forward, and a healed past, your life will change immediately! And because you have created a new future, your healings and changes can be permanent, and your life can continually get better!

The most empowering way to do this process to develop the relationship with your Ideal Future and to Heal the major issues from your past is through a 15 hour program of 4 to 6 sessions where you and I work directly together. These sessions are usually spread over a period of 2 to 3 months. Every session is customized to you and your growth, and the scheduling of our sessions is determined by how you grow through the process.

Since the amazing results of this process come from you building your relationship with Your Power and Your Awesome Future, my role as a facilitator is just as effective over the phone or on Skype or Zoom as it is in person, so I have the fun of working with clients all over the world!

Most people and therapies and healing modalities focus on the past or the present, but the process of healing and creating love and success happens quickly and often easily when you are headed into a bright future. As you can read in the many success stories on this site, the process of living your way into a magnificent future means that illnesses and problems can be healed quickly and the fun can begin today! 

The power to heal, the power to change, and the power to create come from your honesty, your courage and your willingness to really feel your emotions. The FutureVisioningTM process helps you tap into the depth and power of your emotions and actually makes this often times scary process fun and empowering. The power within you makes everything possible.

Your Free FutureVisioningTM Consultation

If you are ready to create the Awesome Future that you really want and deserve, please call (818) 995-1331 so we can set up a Free FutureVisioningTM Consultation:

1. We will go out and meet your Healthy, Happy and Empowered Future Self!

2. And you will get to experience and explore your Awesome Future!

3. You will actually begin a new healing process and create immediate changes in your life!

4. You will discover blockages in your future that have been holding you back your whole life that you have never seen before!

5. You will understand and discover the enthusiasm that motivates every successful person and powerful leader in the world!

 or  Click here to email me and tell me how i can help you!

P.S. Like Laura who I spoke of on the FutureVisioningTM video on the first page of this site, this process is so powerful that virtually every one who does this FutureVisioningTM Consultation experiences immediate realizations and healings that start changing their life right while we are talking!

This process requires a significant investment of your courage, your honesty, your time and money, but, if you are ready, incredible healings, changes and miracles are available, starting today!

And, however we connect, personally, through the books, tapes and seminars or through our

I Look Forward to Helping You Create a Glorious Future,

With Love,

Ti Caine
(818) 995-1331

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