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All great human accopmlishments come from the rhelm of the possible that resides in the future. All great achievements are initiated by visionaries who can see and then create the future. In every area of life, science, art, politics, and medicine and business visionaries have led the world. They looked to the future, imagined what was possible and, with passion and courage, took action to create the future. These visionaries have directed the course of human history, and they will chart the course of the future.

In business especially, visionary ideas and visionary leadership combined with effective implementation are the key ingredients of all great successes. The great industrialist, Keating said, "We should pay a good deal of attention to our future, for we will spend the rest of our lives there", and whether a business leader is a CEO, an owner, or a manager, their most important responsibility is to look into the future, develop a clear vision for their organization and communicate that to everyone they work with. Once everyone shares a clear and exciting vision, success is more easily attained.

Yet, because our world is evolving and becoming increasingly complex and competitive, something more than visionary leadership is being called for. The great successes, now and in the future, will be created not just by visionary leaders, but by "visionary organizations."

Organizations are made up of many individuals, and individual motivation is a direct product of how excited an individual is about their future. Imagine how your organization would run if all your employees were highly motivated by a vision of their whole life working and also inspired by a vision of your company excelling and achieving great success!

Empowered individuals, who are choosing their own destiny, who feel excited about where they are going, and who know that they have the power and authority to create what they want, are proven to be healthier, happier, and more motivated. They invariably take better care of themselves, their co-workers, and their customers.

Imagine if you will, a whole organization made up empowered visionaries! A whole company made up of individuals who are inspired by a vision of their own personal success... and their companies success.



Success in this kind of organization can be seen in both increased profits and reduced expenses. Expenses decrease due to fewer sick days, lower health-care costs, fewer legal problems, and lower employee turnover. Profits increase due to better communication, more co-operation among employees, enhanced creativity, and increased productivity.

It has been said that "Everything is created twice." First in our imagination and then in our reality.

Imagining the successful future is the first step of every creative process, and though everyone has this ability, many don't know how to use it. Those who do are always among the hoghest achievers. People who use their ability to focus on their most exciting futures tend to be inspired and optimistic. Those who learn to access the power within themselves to really manifest their visions, become highly successful.


It has been stated that there are three basic kinds of people: People who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who wonder what happened.

Unfortunately, too many people are just watching life go by or wondering what happened. Without consciously being aware of it, they use the power of their imagination to endlessly analyze the past, or to worry about a limited, clouded and often unpleasant picture of their future. Those unpleasant expectations have a constant negative influence on how they feel. The result is, they move through life as if driving through a fog, afraid that something bad is going to happen. These people live in a constant state of anxiety, and this anxiety takes a huge toll on their life and their productivity.

Sadly, in our society these people are too often considered normal. They are also called stressed-out, or depressed, and they use drugs like alcohol, marijuana,and Prozac, and behaviors like smoking, workaholism and overeating to try to cover up their anxiety.


We are powerful, and once the limited vision of the future is clearly understood, it can be worked with, it can be healed, and a brighter vision can be developed that can be a source of inspiration, motivation and power.

The FutureVisioning™ Program It not only teaches people how to understand how their vision of their future is affecting them, it actually teaches them how to design a new vision of a wonderful future, and then the steps to accomplish that vision become much easier to define and actualize.

A positive relationship with the future gives us hope, it gives us a reason to live. It creates a healing and transformation in people's hearts and minds. It is the reason we get up in the morning, it determines how motivated and effective we are throughout the day, and it profoundly affects how peacefully we sleep at night. Our expectations for achieving what we really want physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually, influence how we feel every moment of every day. This relationship with our future is the most influential and important relationship in our entire lives.

Harvard Professor Edward Banfield determined through 50 years of study that the single most common and important characteristic of highly successful people is: They have a clear, passionate and inspiring vision of their future!

When we tap into our power to create a brighter future, we immediately relax. We become more hopeful that we will fulfill our destiny, and we breathe easier. Stress, anxiety and self-sabotage are automatically reduced, and often chronic tensions and illnesses disappear. We feel more peaceful, more centered and more enthusiastic. Our day to day lives become less stressful and more intuitive. Decision making becomes more natural. We automatically avoid unproductive choices. Our joyful future acts like a giant magnet pulling us forward, making each day flow more smoothly, more gracefully, and more successfully.

As soon as someone begins the FutureVisioning™ process, the fog starts to clear. They become a more effective leader in all areas of their own lives, and they then can inspire others.

It has been said that "The greatest leader is not the one who creates the most followers, the greatest leader is the one who creates the most leaders."

Great leaders often have a natural connection with their future, but like a naturally gifted athlete or musician, their skill often comes to them so easily that they don't really understand how they do it. Therefore, they often cannot teach leadership, motivation and effectiveness to others. The FutureVisioning™ process helps leaders to more clearly understand their own relationship with the future, so that they can enhance this relationship in themselves and more easily coach and inspire those they work with. This significantly improves their ability to lead and produce results with others.

When a leader understands the source of inspiration and motivation lies in the future, they can more effectively teach and inspire others to achieve great things.

Organizations of with visionary leaders who can empower their employees to see and be excited about their own bright futures will create the tremendous successes of tomorrow!


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