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This is me and my son Gavin and the happiness you see is very real. However, when I met Ti, nearly six years ago, I was living a very different picture. I had been suffering for over 25 years with horrible PMS and many other female problems which had plagued me for two to three weeks every month. My life was pretty much emotionally out of control ... and then every woman's nightmare ... I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which left me totally devastated. I came to Ti after my Lumpectomy, just as I was beginning my Radiation treatments, because I had plummeted into a very dark place. I was living every waking moment gripped with the fear of Cancer and feeling helpless and hopeless. I couldn't imagine what the future held for me . . . if I had a future ... because there were just so many years left for me to be terrified about Cancer.

As soon as I started working with Ti and the FutureVisioning process, my life totally turned around. It was the miracle I had prayed for but didn't think possible. His process enabled me to connect to my "radiant future self" … and then I was able construct a healthy and bright future. Because of FutureVisioning, I was able to see not just a light, but a big bright light at the end of my tunnel. Ti helped me get my life back.

There is so much that I want to share … from the deepest depths of emotional pain and despair … I have been there. I know what it's like to wake up each day feeling absolutely no hope … but that was then …

Not only did I heal my fear of Cancer, so that I don't even think about it anymore, and in one individual session, he helped me totally heal 25 years of horrible PMS. All together, I had suffered for 25 years with a variety of female problems. They're all Gone! Free for the last 5 1/2 years. And most recently, by doing the process, I've even gotten rid of my Peri-Menopausal symptoms. Ti has helped me build a friendship and partnership with my body ... my body is no longer my enemy!

I am eternally grateful to Ti for saving my life then … and amazed at how FutureVisioning continues to work miracles for me now!

My life has changed so dramatically, and I really do feel like I'm a new person. For the first time ever, I'm feeling solid through my core and no longer feeling victimized by life. I am positive, contented and, most importantly … I am healthy. I am excited waking up in the morning, because I am no longer living in fear. My cup is over-flowing with love and gratitude, and I'm experiencing each day with the most amazing sense of inner peace. My story is all about healing … and my new enthusiasm for life. "I'm glowing and flowing" with optimism -- and everyone around me feels it and sees it!

I have not only changed my life in a totally positive way, my family and friends have benefited also. Because I am committed to living FutureVisioning, and I know how powerfully it changes lives, I have also been able to help my son by sharing the power of this technique. I helped him connect to the future that he wanted, and it empowered him to completely change the course of his own life -- and he is happy and fulfilled with his choices.

Knowing that my son understands that he is an empowered being who has the ability to create his own reality, brings me the deepest sense of well-being. I am secure, knowing in my heart, that he will not go through his life feeling victimized and powerless, because he understands he has the power of choice.

My son is 21, Ti's daughter is 17 and Jean has three younger children. One of our most exciting projects, will be recording our conversations about how we are teaching our children to grow up to be empowered. As Ti and I have discussed often, there is no greater joy for a parent than to know their child has the power and knowledge to create a bright future.

Recently a friend told me that my words about the future had an immediate and tremendous impact on him. He told me that because of our discussion, he is now able to look forward to his future, instead of staying stuck in his past, and that this new process is helping him make positive decisions in every area of his life. Everything is based on his new relationship with his future. This makes me so very happy.

I want to help all women … and I want you to know that you will not be alone on your FutureVisioning journey. This "partnership" is being created so that Ti, myself and the other members can support you through this incredible process.

For many people change can be terrifying, but it also can be exhilirating... and we want to be here for you and with you as you make those steps forward … Being true to yourself and living honestly and with authenticity is so worth it.

I have written my personal healing story, and the actual steps that I went through in this process. You won't believe what I learned about the core emotional, spiritual and unresolved female issues that caused my many years of physical pain. My entire story, including the healing of my terror of Cancer, the extraordinary healing of my PMS, and, most recently, healing my Peri-Menopausal symptoms, can be found in Melinda's Story - An Incredible Female Healing Story. What I've discovered about women on my journey is this ... We must learn to honor and embrace our femaleness, express ourselves honestly ... and not shove our emotions into our bodies ... for this is what creates disease.

I'm also sharing my PMS healing story, which is also available separately, which shares how I had an instantaneous healing after 25 years of suffering! We can change our belief systems … we can dispel the negative myths that have been passed down from one generation to the next ... and we don't have to live as victims!

I want to share what I know to be true … which is just how truly powerful FutureVisioning is. I can assure you, that this technique is unlike anything else you've ever done. It is not another "coping" technique -- but a true "healing" technique that has changed my life forever … and continues to change my life daily.

I now work as Ti's Assistant and sharing FutureVisioning is my joy and my commitment in life. These past 8 months with Ti have been a most profound and life-altering experience. We are learning, growing and changing every day -- and we are continually learning about how we can share the power of FutureVisioning with you.

You can heal your pain -- please don't give up on yourself. There is hope ... I know, because I have survived my own living Hell. I am living and thriving proof, at 52 years old,that it is possible to create a happy and fulfilling life. I am finally the real me, and I feel like my life is just beginning! This is the gift of FutureVisioning … and it is my gift to you!

I'm so genuinely excited to have the opportunity to share with you … and I will be here to support your growth …Welcome!


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