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Hi Ti,

I wanted to send you some successful cases that I have worked with using FutureVisioning.

I had a client who did the FutureVisioning process and "Visioned" her future ideal spiritual life and what that would feel like. She literally "glowed" when she felt and imagined the sense of peace, joy and connectedness with herself and others. She sensed and felt the ease of life and being in the "flow" of her intuition in this awesome future. Anxieties melted away and she "remembered her Essence, her True Self. There was a shimmer in the room and a palpable energy that was quite noticeable. I completed the session and brought in my next new client who had never been to my office. She sat down and looked around and said "It feels so good in here. It feel like the presence of God." The lingering energy of the previous session was so palpable it was contagious and could still be felt. It was further indication to me of the power of the FutureVisioning process.

Another case involved a woman who had been in several unhappy intimate relationships and wanted to attract a more loving committed partner. We did a future visioning session in which she imagined and felt what her partner looked and felt like. She visioned the qualities of that person and what they would be doing together. She had a radiant smile on her face as she experienced this beautiful connection. She left the session with hope and shifted out of the negative self destructive patterns of her past. Several months later she called me with excitement in her voice. My client informed me that she "was in love" with a wonderful man with whom she has this wonderful connection and rapport. ( I will keep you updated on the progress of this relationship)

Another woman that I am currently seeing is organizing a multi-cultural event to assist others in appreciating different cultures, religions, customs, and countries. Obviously, a very needed service at this time of global mistrust and conflict. She is future visioning this event so that it attracts the people and resources that will make this a successful event. She is visioning herself happy, peaceful and effective in front of 150 people who in turn respond with support and enthusiasm. Since she has started this process she has attracted top level national and local media and networked with dozens of interested organizations. It has gone from a small one person non-profit organization to a large scale operation. She has been so successful that she now needs to vision the funds to hire a manager and fundraiser. (I will keep you informed about this case also. The event is in a few weeks)

I have found that FutureVisioning accelerates the therapy process faster than just doing "talk therapy".
It quickly puts people in a positive and hopeful frame of mind.
It shifts people out of "negative and habitual energy and habit patterns.
The visioning process also connects people with their own power and inner resources to change their lives and futures.
When people are in the positive vibration of the "future" there is a glow in the "now" that tells me that they "get it" and more importantly feel it.
If there are any blocks or parts of the self that are resisting the process, we can then shift to the source or root of the resistance from a more empowered place.
I enjoy the sessions more using this work not only because of the hope and incredible joyful feeling it engenders but also because of the phenomenal results my clients report.

I hope that this helps you Ti. I will continue to share these wonderful successes with you.


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