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Panic attacks were the reason I started working with Ti. In my late teens, I had experienced a lot of anxiety and claustrophobia that interfered with my life. Even though I am a hypnotherapist myself, and I've been through years of regular therapy, I was still just coping with my anxieties, and they never really went away. When the panic attacks, fear of flying and being away from home came back in my late 20s, they had a devastating effect. Little by little my world closed in on me. I didn't want to be home alone, yet I couldn't travel more than a mile or two without experiencing paralyzing fear. My career was also stuck in confusion, and my relationship with my husband was in trouble.

I read about Ti in Christiane Northrop's book, "Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom." I live in Florida and Ti is in California. And even though he lives on the other side of the country, and there are thousands of therapists and hypnotherapists closer to me, something in my intuition told me that I should call him. I'm extremely glad I followed my intuition.

I felt better, and my life started to change during our very first conversation. Ti's unique approach helped me connect with, and get excited about, a healthy, happy and successful future, and this gave me the hope and the passion to relatively easily heal the limitations from my past. We did several sessions over the next few weeks, all of them on the phone, and I found this to be the most complete and most powerful healing and growing process I've ever experienced.

Within less than three weeks my whole life changed, and I easily got on a plane to fly all the way across the United States to the west coast and back -- and I enjoyed the whole trip!

The following is a list of the incredible changes that have occurred in just these few weeks:

1. I now fly alone anywhere I want without fear.
2. My panic attacks are gone, and I don't worry about them, because I'm not afraid of them anymore.
3. My relationship with my husband is fantastic! 101% better than I had dared to dream.
4. My relationships with my Mom and Dad have grown enormously. (Previously a problem.)
5. I've lost weight effortlessly.
6. My career is opening in wonderful new ways.
7. I feel my emotions much more, and I love the tears of joy!
8. I have learned to respect and appreciate myself.
9. I have much more energy.
10. I am more relaxed about my life.

In a matter of weeks my life has gone from dismal to fabulous, and I feel more alive than ever before.

Jan Morison,



When I met Ti Caine five years ago, I already had a pretty good life. I was living in a nice apartment with my girlfriend, driving a new Ford Taurus, and making close to six figures working with my relatives in the bank card processing business. I was doing all right, but I wanted more. I wanted to be on my own. I wanted to be more successful and have more control over my own fate. I also desperately wanted to reduce the stress that I constantly felt.

In my first session with Ti, he guided me into an actual experience of my wonderful future. I actually stepped into and felt the happiness and success that I want. My stress level dropped immediately, my hope and motivation reawakened, and after just a few sessions with Ti, my whole life changed. My everyday choices took on a whole new perspective. I started living with a different mindset. By consistently staying in touch with my future and that feeling of success, my daily experiences transformed, taking on a richer quality. I stopped blaming people in my life, my girlfriend, my employees. I began to look inside myself first, and I worked on my own blocks and resistances. And as a result, I became a better boyfriend and a better boss. I stopped beating myself up when I made mistakes. Instead I learned to recognize the mistakes, shoulder the responsibility, forgive myself and move ahead. As I worked with the connection to my future, I felt better, my life got easier, and I automatically made healthier choices in the present.

As I took these giant steps into my future, I had this amazing realization that I was being pulled forward into my awesome future, instead of having to push for it. I had always been a Type A, push, push, push, hard driving toward success kind of person. All of a sudden, I was mellower, more relaxed, and yet I was creating a lot more success.

My work with Ti has made a huge difference in my life. I am now living the incredible life that I saw in our first session five years ago. And what is really incredible, is not just the Porsche I’m driving, or the half million dollar house I’m living in with my beautiful wife and two fabulous daughters. It’s not even the fact that I now run my own bank card processing business and my income has multiplied several times over. What's really incredible is the ease with which my dreams have come true. Ever since Ti taught me how to work with my future, I have literally felt my future pulling me into the wonderful life I now enjoy. Ti's FutureVisioning is an awesome process and one I highly recommend.

Jeff Skelton,


I tell everyone that Ti Caine saved my life! As a 46 year old "Breast Cancer Survivor," I had shut down emotionally, and there was no one I could talk to about living in constant fear of a Cancer reoccurrence. I honestly didn't know how I was going to survive my own terror, because there were so many years left for me to be terrified. I truly felt hopeless and helpless and spiraling into a very dark place … and then I met Ti!

His FutureVisioning process completely turned my life around by enabling me to envision and construct a healthy, happy future for myself -- when I had truly given up hope.

Though I had been to a few therapists in my life, it was all the same "coping" techniques without any real "healing" results. Until my work with Ti, no one had a clue how to reveal or heal my core issues.

Many other "miracles" have occurred since doing the FutureVisioning process, and I have completely healed a lifetime of suffering with various female physical disorders. After suffering with horrible PMS and pelvic pain over 25 years, he helped me to totally heal both in one forty minute session! I've had no pain at all for over 5 years. I also got rid of a rash on my neck and my Peri-Menopause symptoms have completely gone away! I have a genuine sense of empowerment knowing that I make the choices that affect my future.

It is the gift of my lifetime to finally feel a sense of inner peace. All of my relationships have improved, because my life is about honesty and authenticity. My glass is always more than half full -- it's over flowing! I am filled with joy, optimism and gratitude … and I owe it all to Ti.

Melinda Diner

Los Angeles



From the moment I began working with Ti Caine, I knew I had made a dramatic, positive shift in my life. Ti opened me up to a new way of thinking, feeling and growing. He showed me how to look at and improve my life in a completely new way. And, most importantly, he taught me how to change, so that I am continuing to grow on my own. I am supremely grateful that I opened the door and asked him to lead me along on this journey of personal growth.

It has also been a pleasure to share Ti with my family and friends. They are so thrilled! It is amazing to see people open themselves up to new ideas and changes so quickly and readily. Our family has grown closer as a result of our experiences, and we are all moving into very exciting new territory. Ti is a precious gift.

Lovingly, Keri Tomas,
Los Angeles



While attending the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners Conference, I walked into your presentation feeling really stuck, not really understanding why, and having no idea how to get moving again. Here I was at the brink of success, having just completed my first book, and yet, I felt my success was going to be seriously limited. I had concluded that I was not cut out to be a public speaker, especially since I had just done a horrible job on two different presentations.

It was through your concepts and your exercises that I finally came to the realization that I have really been living in the past. This was, indeed, a revelation to me! I have tried to "live in the moment" for years, but you helped me understand that without a bright future to look forward to, every "moment" is filled with anxiety or denial. I have wanted to move forward, to step into the future without fear -- and you finally showed me how.

In just over an hour, and even with more than 125 of us in the audience, I was amazed at how much I learned, and how powerful your exercises were. I saw with clarity who I was in the past, like I never was able to see myself before. I now understood how my fears had been projected into my future, and I literally stepped beyond them into my bright future. I can now visualize and feel myself being a great speaker, and I’m actually moving into that role more and more every day. Thank you for providing me with this life changing experience!

Glen Lucas,


Since I met Ti Caine in Puerto Vallarta at the Business and Consciousness Conference three years ago, every area of my life … my body, my health, my marriage, my spirituality, my friendships, and my business, have improved more than I would have ever thought possible!

In November, 1997, when I met Ti Caine, he explained that his FutureVisioning™ process helps people to actually "heal the past and create the future," so they get what they really want in life. During a powerful and inspiring introduction to his work, he led us on a meditation where I actually experienced my wonderful "luminous future." When I returned home to Canada, I started working with Ti over the phone, to heal my limiting patterns, and to develop a real relationship with this brilliant future and to build a partnership with my magnificent "future self."

Before then, I had never really understood the power and importance of my relationship with my future. Two years later, my whole life is a wonderful living testament to the incredible success that can be created through developing a healthy, working relationship with your future. Specifically, for my husband and I, this work has resulted in the almost magical manifestation of more fun, joy, and success than we had ever imagined, including:
1- We have moved to a beautiful new home in Ottawa.
2- Our business has expanded powerfully and yet easily, and our income has quadrupled.
3- We have purchased a magnificent 1 acre lot with spectacular view in one of Ottawa's premiere neighborhoods where we will build our "dream" home within the next 3 years.
4- We have laughed, cried and consciously deepened our intimacy, and we have grown much closer as a couple.
5- We have joyfully expanded our spirituality.
6- I now understand and appreciate my emotions and myself more than I ever have.
7- My physical health has improved dramatically. I was an overweight, on-and-off substance abusing, depressed and angry woman. Now I am vibrant, in great shape, physically and emotionally healthy, and in love with life.
8- Our relationships with our families are healing and becoming more rewarding.
9- We are developing and strengthening new friendships with powerful and fun people.
10-We are consistently filled with gratitude and wonder.

All of this incredible change and success I attribute to my relationship with my "future" and "future self," which I gratefully thank Ti Caine for helping me to develop. Ti is a unique and gifted guide, and his FutureVisioning work offers an unparalleled opportunity to release old limitations and create magnificent successes in your life.

Valarie Yersh,
Ottowa, Canada



I lived with the torture of panic attacks for over 2 1/2 years. I had 10 to 15 what I called "Terror Attacks" every day that began with a rush of terror, a pounding heart, shortness of breath, dizziness, hot and cold flashes, racing thoughts and nausea. I couldn’t drive more than ten minutes away from home without freaking out, and I couldn't even think about getting on an airplane. I was trapped in a no-win life where I couldn’t be with people and I couldn’t be alone. I also had asthma, chronic fatigue and pain, terrible food allergies and I was deeply depressed. I had even considered suicide because my life was so painful.

I tried everything … a dozen different doctors, years of various kinds of therapy, MRI's, CAT scans, blood tests, self-help books, healing anxiety tapes, breathing and relaxation techniques, drugs, herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, acupuncture, chiropractors and healers. NOTHING made any real difference.

Then my boyfriend heard about Ti Caine, who had developed a process called FutureVisioning Hypnotherapy and Healing. My boyfriend had a business associate that had terrible vertigo for over a year and the doctors had said it was an incurable case of Muniers disease, but Ti had helped him totally heal it in just 3 sessions. Although I live in eastern Canada and Ti lives in California, out of desperation, I called him.

During our initial conversation, I told Ti about my panic attacks, my past, my painful life and my terrible physical symptoms. He really listened! He really understood my situation, and then he asked me one question that changed my life forever... He said, "What does your future look like?" I had to think really hard to answer that question, but when I actually told myself the truth, I described to him a dark, scary, painful future that was just a continuation of the struggle I had endured for too many years. I really believed that struggle was my lot in life, and I realized that I had been carrying that dark picture around in my mind for years.

Ti listened carefully again, and then he said, "Well, from what you are telling me, you're 28 years old, and with all the problems you are dealing with right now, your life sucks... and you are looking ahead to 50 or 60 or 70 more years of pain and suffering..." and he was right. The next sentence blew my mind. He said, "With A Future Full of Pain, You Should Be Panicking! Your panic attacks aren't an illness.  They are actually a normal, sane and healthy reaction to the hopeless and pain-filled future that you are expecting." 

He then said, "You don't have a Panic Disorder, You have a Future Disorder!"

I was stunned! For years I had been convinced by numerous therapists and psychiatrists that I was sick. I had been labeled depressed and bi-polar, I was told that I had a borderline personality, ADD and a serious panic disorder, etc. etc. etc. And every time I heard those labels, I felt more broken and more hopeless, and what was even worse, those people who were convincing me that I really was sick and defective had no solutions! They gave me coping techniques which didn't really help at all, or they gave me drugs which made me feel like a zombie, but with all the years and the thousands of dollars I wasted, none of them ever really helped me.

Yet as soon as I started to talk with Ti I could tell I finally found someone who really understood what was going on with me. In one 45 minute phone call my whole lofe had changed, the enthusiasm had returned to my voice. I started to re-connect with my feelings, including my anger at all the therapists and doctors who had convinced me that I was sick, and I started talking excitedly about what I really wanted in my life. Since that conversation over a year and a half ago, I have not had a single panic attack. Before we had even had our first actual FutureVisioning session, I completely healed my panic attacks, dropped the labels that had me thinking I was defective and changed my whole understanding of life!

In that first conversation I not only understood what was at the root of my panic attacks, which were my scary thoughts about my future, but we also talked about how he could help me learn to create the future I wanted.

After just a few sessions, I developed a real connection with my future, and more things I wanted in my life started coming true. I healed the old beliefs from my past about being powerless and saw a beautiful bright future ahead of me, and I not only healed my panic attacks, but I also healed my asthma, my chronic fatigue and pain, my food allergies, my depression and my hopelessness.

I am now excited and enjoying my life because all areas of my life: my health, my career, my friendships, my relationships and my spirituality have blossomed. It's amazing, but I am a happy, empowered woman, enjoying my life more than I ever thought I could.

Thank you Ti.

Lara Sydera,



"Of course," says Ti Caine, metaphysician and certified hypnotherapist. "Where you plan to go in life is far more important and powerful than where you've been!" I had a chance to experience this personally. In what was really an amazing hypnosis session, I actually became my "Future Self," and I really felt her joy, power and fulfillment. Past lives can be interesting, but this future work was incredible. I could feel that the power that guides me, changes me, and motivates me, really does come from my future.

"We are taught that the past controls us, and most therapies focus just on the past, which is why they can take years and produce very little change." "My clients usually find significant, even miraculous changes, right from the first session, because they immediately clarify and start moving toward their ideal future." "That's where the answers are, and that's what people are most interested in, isn't it?"

When Ti guided me out into My Ideal Future it was an amazingly real and joyful experience, and while I was in my incredible future, enjoying the wonderful business and personal successes, I had a profound and life changing realization. In my future I could actually feel that I had created my successes through FUN and CO-OPERATION, rather than through competition and struggle. This realization opened a whole new paradigm for my life. I felt excited about moving forward with more ease and grace.

Ti explained that, “Connecting first with your future first really helps when you need to heal issues in your past also. Because you don't spend years re-hashing the same old history, you initially create the future where the problem is fixed, and then you go into the past with the love and power of your future self, to heal the past quickly, to fix it, so you can move ahead into your exciting future more easily.“

I experienced just what he described. When my "Future Self" and I went back and found my "inner child," she immediately revealed to me painful events in her life that I wasn't even aware of… and these painful experiences created beliefs that were still "running me" as an adult. We then helped her express, re-write, and truly heal these events.

In just a few hours, I joyfully and powerfully connected with my future, and healed limiting core wounds and issues that had been invisible to me for 37 years. Wow!

What I enjoyed most, is that Ti is able to make self-discovery (even dealing with painful issues) EMPOWERING and FUN. (Which it certainly had never been in all the years of therapy that I had been through.)

What he does is unique, developed through more than twenty years of experience in techniques such as: Reichian breath and bodywork, expressive movement, massage, rebirthing, psychology of selves, energy healing, NLP, voice dialogue, acting\psycho drama, hypnosis and metaphysics. His FutureVisioning goes beyond any of these techniques alone, and is truly a totally unique, profound and powerful experience. My past feels lighter, and I can feel my connection with my Awesome Future providing me with a security and confidence about where I am going, and that gives me a wonderful sense of power and enthusiasm right now, today.

Taffe O'Connel,
Owner Canoco Publishing



Over seven years of Freudian Analysis, plus countless hours I’ve spent with practitioners of classical and innovative therapys, did not get me as deeply and authentically into healing three sessions with Ti Caine.

In this work, I have, at last, begun to put together the isolated painful fragments that have again and again insinuated themselves, shaping the negative patterns of my life. More importantly, beyond simple, intellectual insight, I’ve been led into a process that gently releases my basic childhood traumas and immediately begins real healing.

I am truly astounded at the progress I’ve made in this short time. They say, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." For the first time in my life, I feel ready and able to consciously address and transform those repetitive negative patterns that have kept me away from self-acceptance and joy all my life, and Ti is an amazing guide helping me on this exciting adventure of self-actualization.

Barbara Avedon Hammer,
Parent, TV & Screenwriter, Political Activist Co-Creator: "Cagney & Lacey" Co-Founder: Another Mother for Peace


I am president of my own business management consulting company specializing in international organizational development and team management. During the last year, I have been working with Ti Caine (over the phone) envisioning my phenomenal future, which is now manifesting. I have experienced the amazing power of his FutureVisioning work.

Less than 3 years ago, my life was in chaos. Due to a major business lawsuit that I had filed, I lost my home, my income, my boyfriend and was in significant debt. With the accelerated growth I have experienced with Ti, my life has turned completely around. I am enjoying successes in virtually every area of my life … business, health, relationships, personal fulfillment and financial abundance. This includes having recently purchased my dream car, a Porsche Boxster, the car that I envisioned with Ti.

An example of the power of this FutureVisioning process happened earlier this year. A lucrative consulting contract was unexpectedly canceled at the last minute, and I wound up with a month of slack time in my schedule. To make the best of it, I thought I would use this time to work on some projects around my house.

Well, the next day I discussed this with Ti and in our session, we focused on strengthening my connection with my abundant future. I finished our session feeling excited and powerful and confident. Within 36 hours, I had five new contracts offered to me, and within 3 days, I had received 10 new business offers! With more than I could handle, I had the luxury of choosing which of the projects I really wanted to do, based on which would be most fun and the most rewarding.

I also have had some health challenges this year that have dramatically turned around and have almost miraculously healed, often right during our sessions while we were working on healing them.

Most significant of all, is that I now have an incredible man in my life. This man is more amazing than I ever fathomed possible, and I am experiencing more joy than I thought possible in a relationship. Ti and I had been specifically working on a future where I imagined myself having a wonderful, healthy, and intimate relationship. While working with that wonderful vision, the old patterns, family issues, emotional blockages and fears of intimacy came up. Ti guided me into the core of these past issues, not just to understand and "cope" with them better, but to actually heal them. As a result, all the relationships in my life, with my friends, family, business colleagues and my clients, have improved dramatically.

In an amazingly short amount of time, by focusing on the future first, and then actually healing the wounds and resistances from the past that have held me back, I have overcome major blockages in my life that I have been working on for years.

The whole FutureVisioning process has been a phenomenal journey of dreams coming true, that keeps getting better every day.

With Love,
Jennie Richards


Ti, thank you for guiding me through the steps necessary to make long overdue lifestyle changes. Had I not read about you in Christiane Northrup’s book, "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom," I may not have known about you or trusted you. You see, I’d never scheduled an appointment with a man therapist before. Yet, when I read about you in her book, I picked up the phone and called you.

Making that first phone call was somewhat scary for me, and I didn't know what to expect. But after talking to you for just a few minutes, my fear faded and I began to trust my inner feeling. In my heart, I knew that what you had to offer was exactly what was missing from my life.

The thought of creating the future I wanted and deserved, gave me renewed hope. For the first time, I could see the limiting thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back and the undeniable truths beginning to surface.

While going through the various steps, I felt anger, guilt, and suppressed hostility. Discussing spirituality and God and the Goddess, was completely foreign to me and out of the scope of traditional therapy. Yet, I found that it was an absolutely essential step to my healing.

I began to understand how my fears and self-hatred had created the life I did not want, and how those feelings were blocking me from creating the life I do want. Feeling the hope that comes from my future enabled me to face the hurt and anger that has been emotionally crippling me for so long, and I was able to heal and release them. I am now more easily moving ahead with my life.

After just the first session, I felt like tons of stress had been lifted from my shoulders. I feel more confident now that I am reaching my goals. I know with your continued guidance, I am building the wonderful, prosperous future I want and deserve.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Patricia Piazza,


I was very interested in what Ti had to say about creating your own future and that through this creation, we also create our present. This statement intrigued me, because I always thought that life revolved around circumstance.

After a few sessions, I noticed dramatic changes. Most notably, my income increased substantially. I am an independent freelance commercial artist, and I was averaging around $800 a week for years before our session. The week after our first session, my income jumped to $1,400. Now, more than two months later, my income is continuing to grow.

I was also concerned about my music career. It just wasn’t going anywhere. And even though I had a lot of original music, no one seemed to know me. After my first session, I found a new partner to collaborate with. We wrote one song effortlessly together. On top of that, two days later, after we’d recorded it, my partner called and said that Vantage Records wanted to sign us. Instead of having to go out and knock on doors, this opportunity seemed to just come to us without any effort.

After these experiences, I was thoroughly convinced that we are much more powerful than we realize and that through proper techniques, we can tap into that source and begin to live the life we’ve always imagined. The cool thing is, it’s really easy -- once you open to the future.

Karen Glenn,
Commercial Artist, Singer, Songwriter


I hadn’t spoken to my mother in months. We've never really gotten along. We were never on the same wave length. I called her over the holidays to see how she was doing and she was very depressed. She said she had nothing to live for. In a recent session with Ti, we had talked about how unpleasant my mom usually was. He had explained to me how vitally important it is for every person, no matter how old, to have a future to look forward to. I even understood how older people are affected by their whole future, including what is beyond this life. For the first time in my life, instead of just being irritated by my moms depression, I understood it. She had no future.

So, I said, "Mom, what do you have to look forward to?" She said, "Only my children." I proceeded to help her see that it wasn’t enough to live for your children alone. That it wasn’t enough for her to just live for her kids, that she needed to have things in her life to look forward to that were just for her. So I asked her what she really would like to have in her life.

Right then, she started to change, and I felt so empowered when I realized I could help her to imagine a future for herself. Instead of her being depressed and me being annoyed, we actually started to have fun on the phone. And even though she is in her seventies, she realized during our conversation that she really would like to have a man in her life. I told her that people meet people everyday and that if she really wanted to manifest this person, she had to envision him first. This was when we really started having fun. She described what he would look like in great detail, his hair color, even the kind of feet he had. She confessed that she really wanted to move back to California instead of living in North Carolina. It felt so good to connect with her, to laugh with her again. But the best thing was, she started to feel empowered, to dream and conceive of a future she really wanted and deserved.

She really changed, and this was one of the best talks I've ever had with my mother. It was so easy to apply what I learned from Ti about the incredible influence of our relationship with the future. This FutureVisioning work is amazing.

Cindy Davenport,
An empowered and appreciative client


When I found Ti it was after years and years of therapy and I was still very unhappy- clinically depressed and on medications.Very quickly through asking me a few questions about my life and my future, Ti helped me understand that the only future I had ever really imagined for myself was one of pain and suffering and never getting what I really wanted. Everyone in my family struggled so I naturally projected that struggle into my future... and even though I was not strugglling as my parents had, I still had a dark future in front looming out in front of me. So when he said, 'Of Course You're Depressed, You Should Be!" You look forward to nothing but struggle and pain, and you are DEPRESSING the enormous anger and saddness. For the first time in my life I really understood my depression... and I could see that I didn't need drugs to make me complacent about my mediocre life and my scary future, i needed a New Future! Instead of putting a psychological labelon me, Ti just helped me to see the real problem and helped me fix it.  I was holding a lot of anger from the past, and it was obvious how that unresolved anger was not only hindering me from moving forward, but depressing that anger was the very core of my of my depression. Ti's FutureVisioning technique helped me open to the life I really wanted and gave me the courage to deal effectively with my anger and other major issues, like the chauvinism and domination in my marriage. He helped me understand the impact this was having on me, especially when I really looked at the future.

I realized that unless I changed my life dramatically, the next 5, 10, 20 years would hold more of the same chauvinism and suppression and depression.

By working through the feelings and connecting with the future, I have dramatically enhanced my relationship with my husband and I have completely alleviated my depression. I've gotten off all medications, and I've freed up my natural energy. I laugh a lot more now.  The future I have stepped into is much lighter, and I have tremendously improved my relationships with my husband, my children and my work associates.

Irene Rosen,
Dallas, Texas


People don't have to have cancer or some life threatening illness to realise they are enslaved and saddled down with emotional issues and spiritual blocks that prevent them from living a wonderful life.

Once people experience FutureVisioning, they will know their present is created by their thoughts of the future. Once they understand the power of this shift, the obstacles and blocks that have been ingrained for years will no longer have their hold, and the ecstasy of freedom from inside them will soar.

I’ve seen it happen in my own life, and I thank Ti Caine for being the vehicle for this change.

Brenda Michaels,



As a therapeutic massage specialist, I treat many individuals who have chronic pain or tension. I use a variety of bodywork techniques including swedish massage, soft tissue release, Touch For Health@ and The Montgomery Method for rehabilitation of repetitive motion disorders. Using these techniques alone or in combination, I can often help a client significantly reduce pain and remodel their posture, muscle tone, sense of well-being, ability to relax, etc.

Sometimes, however, I encounter clients whose tight muscles or pain levels remain unchanged after several sessions. During the past six months, I have begun referring these clients to Ti Caine C.H.T., transformational hypnotherapist. The results have been truly remarkable!

One woman originally came to me in deep depression. Each time I see her now, she thanks me for the referral to Ti, and I observe she is noticeably happier since her sessions with him.

I referred several other clients with chronic knotted muscles to Ti, but I didn't know whether they had actually gone to him or not. During their next massage, I was surprised because it seemed to me their muscles had turned to silk. I asked them what had happened, and they both said they had gone to have one or two sessions with Ti. The change in their bodies after his work was amazing, and it was definitely these sessions with Ti that have made my follow-up massage work easier and more productive.

It has been my pleasure to see my clients move out of pain with the help of Ti Caine. I would recommend his services to other massage or bodywork practitioners.

Linda Heinsohn,
Licensed Massage Therapist Encino, California


An excellent presentation! You brought home a new awareness for me with the quote, "The future creates the present." I had never recognized the incredible power and significance of our relationship with the future. Your presentation was dynamic, informative and very clear, and the experiential part of it made it even more stimulating.

Marcia Fitton, C.H.T.
Santa Fe, NM


Ti Caine changes lives. His sessions are even more important than a massage, because they heal the mental and emotional levels. This work really needs to be done first. I know this because I am a body worker. Ti helped me to change negative thought patterns by helping me to see the future, which revealed what I was creating in the present. After only a few telephone sessions, it’s as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and now an excitement for life pulses through my veins.

Ted Stephan,
Orthopedic Massage Practitioner


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