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I am thrilled and honored to be included as a "partner" in the FutureVisioning partnership! Ti's FutureVisioning process is a phenomenally powerful system that can carry just about anyone from the depths of despair, pain, anger or sorrow into a reality of dreams come true. How can you lose when he takes you by the hand into the most beautiful of futures?

When I first met Ti, nearly 10 years ago, we had originally connected based on our similar training as hypnotherapists. From that first moment, we have never run out of things to discuss, share and laugh about. Ti literally bubbles with excitement and enthusiasm about his work, about his goals and his insatiable desire to bring the same joy and success to anyone who desires it.

In my personal quest, I feel blessed to have found so many answers along with methods and tools of healing that have literally changed who I was into who I am becoming! There's no doubt that we need to heal the pains of the past, but once that is done there's only one direction to go and that is into the future! Ti continually inspires me to focus on that beacon ahead - but not on just any beacon - but on one that I design myself. It is Oh - so Fun!

I, like Ti, love to explore life, growth and ways to create a life of magic and miracles. Together, we have shared many prescious moments as he has developed a beautiful relationship with my channeled friend, Tamara. I have been the channel for Tamara for over 10 years and I am continually benefitting from her wisdom and unending love. I am equally thankful and honored at Ti's unending support of the work that Tamara and I are doing together and, most particularly, the trust he has put into it with his referrals to clients, friends and even family members.

I am a metaphysician, a channel, a hypnotherapist and an attorney! What a bizarre combination, but it certainly has exposed me to so many areas of life. (You may have noticed the order that I have listed these things!) Metaphysics is my first priority. Through it I have learned, grown, changed and healed. Its basic truths have sustained me in the down times and lifted me higher in the bright times. I so encourage all of you to check out FutureVisioning. Ti has created his business so that everyone can benefit. Whether it is from using his free exercises or participating in private sessions, FutureVisioning is a process that takes us where we all need and want to go! As we each focus on the future we desire, we are pulled magnetically into its resonance and that same resonance changes who we are in the present and makes it so easy to heal whatever hooks we may still hold to the past.

If you have been attracted to this site, you have probably noticed that there is something "different" going on here. Just the name FutureVisioning has an energy to it that strikes a cord. Even if you don't understand the whole process, the idea of focusing on where you want to go, surely makes a lot of sense!

I just told Ti that I have not only written out my future, but I have tape recorded it so that I can listen to it again and again. Ti's response to me was, "that's great, it's is like listening to your Future Self telling you what it's like already being there!"

Welcome to FutureVisioning and to a whole new way of being and living! Hop on the "train" with us, cause we're going to a wonderful future, and we'd love for you to join us!!

Anne Singer


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