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This part of the web site is for teenagers wanting to live happy and empowered lives. I've created a lot of magic in my 17 years and although sometimes I thought my Dad was pretty wierd, the metaphysical stuff he talks about really works and has helped me to create things that I've wanted in almost every area of my life. From completely healing stomach aches and my PMS, to creating relationships and feeling safer and more confident in life.

I am writing stories about my successes and about how I am continuously experimenting with and learning to live an empowered life. In these stories I will tell you about myself, and I want you to respond so that we can all learn together how to live our happiest and most empowered lives.

Although I haven't finished writing my healing stories, soon you will be able to read them and start to get to know me and how this creating your reality stuff can work for kids. I am really interested in finding out what you are interested in as far as learning to creating your own life the way you want it, and I can't wait to get in touch and start chatting with ya.

You can email me at Rachael@ticaine.com


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