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Give them a journey into their success filled future!


Ti Caine can guide your audience to actually imagine themselves stepping into their healthy, happy and success filled future... and he will also teach them how to create that ideal future.

Ti's audiences have an actual experience of their ideal future, and they leave his presentation with a totally new sense of excitement, motivation and empowerment.

Ti shared this FutureVisioning Journey with a large group recently, and a few weeks after the experience one of the participants named Marc wrote about his changes. He said, "Stepping into my future and really being able to experience myself being totally happy and successful has changed my entire life! I feel happier than I have in years, I am more motivated, and my career successes are opening almost automatically. I can feel my successful future pulling me forward every day, and my life and now is both easier and also more fun."   THank You

Marc discovered and is now living one of the secrets of success. Successful people have a powerful relationship with their future.

That exciting and inspiring relationship is what generates motivation, and it is also the foundation of health and happiness.

For the most successful people in our world,  who make up less than 5% of the population, this relationship with their bright future is an innate part of them, and they have often been "positively future oriented" their whole lives. Frequently they don’t know even know how they got to be that way.

The other 95% of the population are usually not even aware that they have been programmed with a vision of a mediocre or even a painful future. Tthat limited vision holds them back and creates struggle in their lives every day.

A 50 year study by the Harvard professor Edward Banfield found that the way a person relates to the future is the single biggest factor that determines whether a person will be a success or a failure... or something in between!  Most people are programmed to live mediocre lives, and they succeed at that!  Henry Ford said, "If you believe you can, or believe you can't, you're right!"

Stated another way, "If you can see and feel and believe in a successful future, you'll create it!... If you see and feel and believe a mediocre future, you'll create that!"

The good news is that everyone has the capacity to learn to relate to their brighter futures, and Ti has developed the FutureVisioning Process to teach the successful 5% how to understand themselves and motivate others, and to teach anyone who is willing from the 95% group to create an exciting and successful relationship with their most inspiring and fulfilling futures!

He presents a truly new paradigm for living and succeeding using inspiring true-life success stories, and revolutionary new understandings that are brought home to the audience through fun participatory exercises. This empowering program will give every person in your audience never before available tools to create success, and also the inspiration and motivation to passionately move forward to design and create the successful future that they want.

The thing that is most unique about his presentations and the part that audiences enjoy the most is getting to experience their ideal future. Since Ti is a hypnotherapist, life coach, and the worlds leading authority on future progression visualization, he will actually take your audience on a fun and inspiring guided imagination journey into their most awesome future. This experience can change them forever.

This program is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

It is not just another collection of exciting stories, nor is it a review of the wisdom of the ages.

There is value in history and for over thirty years, Ti has studied personal growth, achievement, and the psychology of success, but the core of his wisdom is not drawn from history. Rather, Ti's work draws from the future of who we can really be. Rather than repeating history, Ti is creating the future.

This is not just another cheerleading session pumping people up with the same old positive thinking, and his presentations are not just a teaser for his books tapes or seminars.

Ti fills every presentation with real value because his future, his mission, his chosen destiny is to help empower as many individuals, couples and organizations as he can, to help them create their brighter future, and thus to help create a better future for the whole world. He genuinely wants as many people as possible to know what he knows, so that we can all enjoy a beautiful future together.

His passion is undeniable and contagious, his insights are unique and profound, and he would love to help you and your organization create your most joyful and fulfilling future.

He work will also strengthen and empower your vision of your organization's success. Whatever your vision of your organization's success is, his presentation will empower you and your organization to move forward more powerfully and enthusiastically to create tremendous success. Successful Visionary Organizations are made up of Visionary people.

Some of the areas covered are:

Tapping the Unlimited Power of Your Future.

Empower Your Personal Future, and Empower Your Organization.

Designing and Creating Your Best Possible Future.

Healing and Releasing the Wounds and Limitations of the Past.

Understanding the Real Power of Forgiveness.

Creating a Relationship with your Future will Improve Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Profits, Today.

We look forward to helping you and your organiztions to create brilliant success.

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