Jean Molina

I met Ti Caine about four years ago and knew immediately that I wanted to work with him. I had always been interested in helping people, and as soon as I heard about how Ti works with the Future, something clicked and I knew I wanted to be involved with FutureVisioning.

Ti doesn't simply hash and rehash the past with his clients, instead he helps them to invision a future that is filled with success and joy, and to make that vision real. Being part of the partnership of FutureVisioning is so incredible for me for many reasons. First and foremost, is because Ti's technique really works! At one of our first meetings, Ti helped me completely heal a terrible anxiety about my 11 year old son that I had suffered with for almost his whole life. I had tried everything to heal it, and nothing had really helped, until Ti shared with me a part of the FuturteVisioning process and within 20 minutes my anxiety was gone. I'm so excited to share this with people, and I want to help create a training program to teach Ti's method to other practitioners, so that people who really want help will really be helped. I look forward to working with you! Jean Molina


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