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Typical Therapy
Most often teaches techniques to just try to cope with life a little better. Teaches you how to create the future that you really want.
Attempts to create happiness by trying to just be satisfied with what you have. Sees happiness as a result of creating what you really want in life. Then FutureVisioning goes beyond just creating a reality where your needs are comfortably fulfilled, into creating a reality where you are creating your desires also, and where you are looking forward to a future where you continue to create fulfilling experiences forever, even beyond this lifetime.
Sees people as victims in a universe disigned to test us. Sees people as powerful creators in a universe full of love and opportunity.
Generally is about trying to understand defects. Focuses on enhancing strengths and creating successes.
Views the future as a never ending struggle to get through another day. Views the future as a never ending opportunity to grow and become more.
Projects a future of just trying to cope with a mediocre life in order to make it to the end and then have hopefully have a not too ugly death. Acknowledges that our ultimate future is to consciously evolve to become fully empowered spiritual beings, living fulfilling and joyful lives leading to a conscious and graceful death, and a continuation of love and growth forever after this physical life.
Sees people as just limited human beings. Sees people as powerful spiritual and metaphysical beings.
Tries to focus on being in the "now". Recognizes that you cannot really be in the "now" unless you are at ease with your future.
Often believes that just understanding where a problem appears to have come from in the past, and then talking about it endlessly, should somehow fix it. Sees the influence of choice and the future as being the biggest determining factors in our lives, and looks at the past as a place where problems may have begun or been demonstrated, but then directly addresses and heals those wounds and beliefs in the past and takes back the power of choice to create a desireable future.


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