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Thanks to Ti, I am stepping into a much brighter future than I had ever thought possible, and I’m so glad I brought him into Ernst and Young. I knew from the onset that this company had never had a consultant like him before, because there is no one else like him. His focus on the future, and on the whole person, is unique.

I thought that the people in my company might be a tough crowd, but as soon as Ti began speaking about the principals of "creating the future," and when he said, "If everyone in your division gets excited about their future, you will all be more effective, and you will have more fun working together" -- the light bulbs went on! Smiles appeared and everyone really enjoyed getting connected with their individual and collective ideal futures. The response to his presentation was tremendously positive, and it was agreed that Ti was one the most charismatic, educational and enlightening consultants we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Elena Rovetto, New Jersey



On the recommendation of a colleague, I invited Ti Caine to be the keynote presenter in my department’s annual strategic planning conference for fiscal year 2002. After an entire day of planning discussions and setting targets, we spent the evening with Ti Caine. The hours my team spent with Ti showed us how to create the vision, and , more importantly, the motivaion and the optimism that we could really make it happen.

We took our plans – massaged by Ti’s enabling vision – and went to work. Results are what count in business and Ti helped us produce results.

Specifically, our division head had asked us to improve overall customer satisfaction by 5 percentage points for the year. We improved by 30 points!

My thanks to Ti for helping us have a banner year with more good things to come in 2003.

Ruth Herenchar
Ernst and Young



Ti opens a portal into peoples life-long desires. By leading us through exciting and powerful visualizations that helped us all connect with our most successful futures, he created a sense of unity within our department. The barriers that existed for months and months were broken and have remained that way. Now that everyone is excited about their future, teamwork has become automatic, and there is a natural enthusiasm when we work together.

Archemetis Bibiano, New York



After working with Ti, I understand that ‘the key to the success is to have a clear vision of exactly where you want to go in all areas of your life.’ Most of my employees get it now. I talk to them about what they want first, and then focus on the activities that are going to get them there. The people that don’t get this, well, they just keep struggling and floundering, but the ones that get the connection with their future are motivated and consistently achieve their desired results.

Carmine Fuller, Washington



Ti Caine will rock your world in the best way possible. He will address and radically expand what you thought you knew about success, the world we live in, the past, the present and the future. The good news is, your life will improve immediately.

Ellen Cassady, Canada



Excellent presentation! You brought home a new awareness for me with the quote ‘The future creates the present.’ I had never recognized the incredible power and significance of our relationship with the future. Your presentation was dynamic, informative, and very clear, and the experiential part of it made it even more stimulating.

Marcia Fitton, C.H.T., Santa Fe, NM



When I met Ti Caine five years ago, I already had a pretty good life. I was living in a nice apartment with my girlfriend, driving a new Ford Taurus, and making close to six figures working with my relatives in the bank card processing business. I was doing all right, but I wanted more. I wanted to be on my own. I wanted to be more successful and have more control over my own fate. I also desperately wanted to reduce the stress that I constantly felt.

In my first session with Ti, he guided me into an actual experience of my wonderful future. I actually stepped into and felt the happiness and success that I want. My stress level dropped immediately, my hope and motivation reawakened, and after just a few sessions with Ti, my whole life changed. My everyday choices took on a whole new perspective. I started living with a different mindset. By consistently staying in touch with my future and that feeling of success, my daily experiences transformed, taking on a richer quality. I stopped blaming people in my life, my girlfriend, my employees. I began to look inside myself first, and I worked on my own blocks and resistances. And as a result, I became a better boyfriend and a better boss. I stopped beating myself up when I made mistakes. Instead I learned to recognize the mistakes, shoulder the responsibility, forgive myself and move ahead. As I worked with the connection to my future, I felt better, my life got easier, and I automatically made healthier choices in the present.

As I took these giant steps into my future, I had this amazing realization that I was being pulled forward into my awesome future, instead of having to push for it. I had always been a Type A, push, push, push, hard driving toward success kind of person. All of a sudden, I was mellower, more relaxed, and yet I was creating a lot more success.

My work with Ti has made a huge difference in my life. I am now living the incredible life that I saw in our first session five years ago. And what is really incredible, is not just the Porsche I’m driving, or the half million dollar house I’m living in with my beautiful wife and two fabulous daughters. It’s not even the fact that I now run my own bank card processing business and my income has multiplied several times over. What's really incredible is the ease with which my dreams have come true. Ever since Ti taught me how to work with my future, I have literally felt my future pulling me into the wonderful life I now enjoy. Ti's FutureVisioning is an awesome process and one I highly recommend.

Jeff Skelton, California



While attending the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners Conference, I walked into your presentation feeling really stuck, not really understanding why, and having no idea how to get moving again. Here I was at the brink of success, having just completed my first book, and yet, I felt my success was going to be seriously limited. I had concluded that I was not cut out to be a public speaker, especially since I had just done a horrible job on two different presentations.

It was through your concepts and your exercises that I finally came to the realization that I have really been living in the past. This was, indeed, a revelation to me! I have wanted to move forward, to step into the future without fear, but I have not known how.

In just over an hour and even with over 125 of us in the audience, I was amazed at how much I learned, and how powerful your exercises were. I could see with clarity who I was in the past, like I never was able to see myself before, and I understood my fear and stepped past it into my future. I now visualize myself as a great speaker, and I’m moving into that role more and more everyday. Thank you for providing me with this eye-opening opportunity!

Glen Lucas, Arizona



I was very interested in what Ti had to say about creating your own future and that through this creation, we also create our present. This statement intrigued me, because I always thought that life revolved around circumstance.

After a few sessions, I noticed dramatic changes. Most notably, my income increased substantially. I am an independent freelance commercial artist. I was averaging around $800 a week before our session. The week after our first session, my income jumped to $1,400. Now, more than two months later, my income is continuing to grow.

I was also concerned about my music career. It just wasn’t going anywhere, and even though I had a lot of original music, no one seemed to know me. After my first session, I found a new partner to collaborate with. We wrote one song effortlessly together. On top of that, two days later, after we’d recorded it, my partner called and said that Vantage Records wanted to sign us. Instead of having to go out and knock on doors, this opportunity seemed to just fall into our laps without any effort.

After these experiences, I was thoroughly convinced that we are much more powerful than we realize, and that through proper techniques, we can tap into that source and begin to live the life we’ve always imagined. The cool thing is, it’s really easy once you open to the future.

Karen Glenn, Commercial Artist, Singer/Songwriter



I walk out of every session thinking “that was phenomenal"… and then the next session comes along and just blows me away!

Phil Berger, Musician, Los Angeles



Since I met Ti Caine in Puerto Vallarta at the Business and Consciousness Conference three years ago, every area of my life, my body, my health, my marriage, my spirituality, my friendships, and my business have improved more than I would have ever thought possible!

In November, 1997 when I met Ti Caine, he explained that his FutureVisioning process helps people to actually "Heal The Past and Create The Future," so they get what they really want in life. During a powerful and inspiring introduction to his work, he led us on a meditation where I actually experienced my wonderful “luminous future”. When I returned home to Canada, I started working with Ti, over the phone, to heal my limiting patterns, and to develop a real relationship with this brilliant future and to build a partnership with my magnificent future self.

Before then, I had never really understood the power and importance of my relationship with my future. Two years later, my whole life is a wonderful living testament to the incredible success that can be created through developing a healthy working relationship with your future.

Specifically, for my husband and I, this work has resulted in the almost magical manifestation of more fun, joy, and success than we had ever imagined, including:

1- We have moved to a beautiful new home in Ottawa.
2- Our business has expanded powerfully, and yet easily, and our income has quadrupled.
3- We have purchased a magnificent 1 acre lot with spectacular view in one of Ottawa’s premiere neighborhoods, where we will build our “dream” home within the next three years.
4- We have laughed, cried and consciously deepened our intimacy, and we have grown much closer as a couple.
5- We have joyfully expanded our spirituality.
6- I now understand and appreciate my emotions and my self more than I ever have.
7- My physical health has improved dramatically. I was an overweight, on-and-off

substance abusing, depressed and angry woman. Now I am vibrant, in great shape,
physically and emotionally healthy, and in love with life.
8- Our relationships with our families are healing and becoming more rewarding.
9- We are developing and strengthening new friendships with powerful and fun people.
10- We are consistently filled with gratitude and wonder.

All of this incredible change and success I attribute to my relationship with my future and "future self," which I gratefully thank Ti Caine for helping me to develop. Ti is a unique and gifted guide, and his FutureVisioning work offers an unparalleled opportunity to release old limitations and create magnificent successes in your life.

Valarie Yersh, Ontario, Canada



I am president of my own business management consulting company, specializing in international organizational development and team management.

During the last year, I have been working with Ti Caine (over the phone) envisioning my phenomenal future which is now manifesting. I have experienced the amazing power of his FutureVisioning work.

Less than 3 years ago, my life was in chaos. Due to a major business lawsuit that I had filed, I lost my home, my income, my boyfriend and was in significant debt. With the accelerated growth I have experienced with Ti, my life has turned completely around. I am enjoying successes in virtually every area of my life: business, health, relationships, personal fulfillment and financial abundance. This includes having recently purchased my dream car, a Porsche Boxster, the car that I envisioned with Ti.

An example of the power of this FutureVisioning process happened earlier this year. A lucrative consulting contract was unexpectedly canceled at the last minute, and I wound up with a month of slack time in my schedule. Though I was disappointed, I decided to make the best of it, and I thought I would use this time to work on some projects around my house.

Well, the next day I discussed this with Ti, and in our session we focused on strengthening my connection with my abundant future. I finished our session feeling excited and powerful and confident. Within 36 hours after our session, I had five new contracts offered to me, and within 3 days I had received 10 new business offers. With more than I could handle, I had the luxury of choosing which of the projects I really wanted to do, based on which would be most fun and the most rewarding.

I also have had some health challenges this year that have dramatically turned around and have almost miraculously healed, often right during our sessions while we were working on healing them.

Most significant of all, is that I now have an incredible man in my life. This man is more amazing than I ever fathomed possible, and I am experiencing more joy than I thought possible in a relationship. Ti and I had been specifically working on a future where I imagined myself having a wonderful, healthy, and intimate relationship. While working with that wonderful vision, the old patterns, family issues, emotional blockages and fears of intimacy came up. Ti powerfully guided me into the core of these past issues, not just to understand and “cope” with them better, but to actually heal them. As a result, all the relationships in my life with my friends, family, business colleagues and my clients, have improved dramatically.

In an amazingly short amount of time, by focusing on the future first, and then actually healing the wounds and resistances from the past that have held me back, I have overcome major blockages in my life that I have been working on for years. The whole FutureVisioning process has been a phenomenal journey of dreams coming true, that keeps getting better and more luminous every day.

With Love, J. Richards



"Of course,” says Ti Caine, metaphysician and certified hypnotherapist. “Where you plan to go in life is far more important and powerful than where you’ve been,” and I had a chance to experience it. In what was really an amazing hypnosis session, I actually became my "future self," and really felt her joy, power and fulfillment. Past lives can be interesting, but this Future work was incredible. I could feel that the power that guides me, changes me, and motivates me really does come from my future.

We are taught that the past controls us,” Ti explained, and most therapies focus just on the past, which is why they can take years to produce change." “My clients usually find significant, even miraculous changes, right from the first session, because they start moving toward their future." "That’s where the answers are, and that’s what people are most interested in, isn’t it?”

While I was enjoying the wonderful business and personal successes in my incredible future, I had a profound and life changing realization. I could actually feel that I had created the successes through fun and co-operation rather than through competition and struggle. This realization opened a whole new paradigm for my life.

Connecting first with your future first really helps when you do need to heal something in your past. Because you don’t spend years re-hashing the same old history, you go into the past with the love and power of your "future self," to heal the past quickly, to fix it, so you can move ahead into your exciting future.

I experienced just what he described. When my "future self"and I went back and found my “inner child”, she immediately revealed to me events in her life that I wasn’t even aware of that were still “running me” as an adult. We then helped her express, re-write, and truly heal these events.

In just a few hours, I joyfully and powerfully connected with my future, and healed limiting core issues that had been unknown to me for 37 years. Wow! What I enjoyed most is that Ti is able to make self discovery, even dealing with painful issues, empowering and FUN. (Which it certainly had never been before.)

What he does is unique, developed through more than twenty years of experience in techniques such as: Reichian breath and bodywork, expressive movement, massage, rebirthing, psychology of selves, energy healing, NLP, voice dialogue, acting\psycho drama, hypnosis and metaphysics. This FutureVisioning, which he created, goes beyond any of these techniques alone, and offers a totally unique, profound and powerful experience that is tailored to your specific needs. And, It Works. My past feels lighter, and I can feel my connection with my future providing me with a security and confidence about where I am going, and that gives me a wonderful sense of power and enthusiasm right now, today.

Ti can show you how to enjoy the process of improving your life, by working with your future, You can get what you want in life sooner and easier than you think.

Taffe O’Connel, Publisher



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